I’m Karie. I’m an artist and art therapist.

I support people in rediscovering an identity that has been stymied by changes forced on them from a chronic illness or diagnosis.

I help people learn how to adjust to a new way of living. It takes time, but it is possible to move into a life of peace and grace. Your presence in this world is needed, and your light can shine even more brightly.

Dealing with a chronic medical condition or an overwhelming diagnosis brings stress and worry, and sometimes depression. It also brings grief because things will never be the same — there is no going back to life as it was.

Toward healing.

I believe that making art is healing. I’ve seen it help people express hidden and repressed emotions. As you begin to feel deeply understood, you begin to experience a relationship with yourself that is filled with warmth, presence, and acceptance.

You are already whole.

I provide a safe place where you can reclaim that part of yourself that has been displaced. I hold space for you to investigate what healing looks like, and offer opportunities for gentle experiences to come into relationship with the health issues you are encountering.

This is my story.

I’ve always been a good listener. People often tell me things they never tell anyone else. For a time, I thought I might pursue psychology as a major at the University of MN but the call to make art was stronger.

Over the years I pursued art through weaving and quilting while also being a stay-at-home mom, and then a corporate employee. Although I enjoyed corporate work, I kept trying to use my intuitive and empathic natural tendencies which didn’t always jive within the corporate environment.

It took an experience with cancer to learn about art making and healing. I discovered it to be so beneficial that I began using the healing power of art with a small group of individuals suffering from chronic illness. It became so compelling that I made a career switch. I went back to the prompting from long ago to become a therapist.

No time was wasted. All those years of experience…making art, listening to others, raising children, being an employee…has prepared me for this wonderful work of helping others live a life with greater ease and comfort in spite of chronic illness.

Karie Amstutz artist and therapist photo

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