Blue Dog Therapy

How a painting exercise became Blue Dog Therapy: Yesterday we painted in the style of George Rodrigue and his blue dogs. It became a form of therapy because depending on where you start, just putting marks onto a blank canvas is a way of putting yourself...

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Loss – Mourning Season Begins

Mourning season is not the same as allergy season. Mourning is an extended period of time spent experiencing pain and sorrow after a loss. Losing a significant loved one is a major loss. Mourning through loss can turn up in other ways, too. The...

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Knitting Infidelity and WIPs

I started a new knitting project yesterday. The good news is that I also finished one (Granito). Well, I completed the knitting part and sewed in all the ends. The final bit, giving it a steaming or a gentle bath still needs to be done. So, I...

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2017 Word of the Year

I spent a quiet Tuesday morning choosing my 2017 Word of the Year. I had wanted to do this around New Year’s Day, but already this year is proving to be full. However, it’s never too late to find a word to give you clarity and direction on...

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