I started a new knitting project yesterday. The good news is that I also finished one (Granito).

Well, I completed the knitting part and sewed in all the ends. The final bit, giving it a steaming or a gentle bath still needs to be done. So, I can’t honestly say that it is fully completed. But it is done enough for me to cast on the next project.

Fidelity and loyalty are two qualities that are important to me in a relationship. I have been in a committed relationship for over 30 years, and it has not gotten old or boring for either of us. Irritating and maddening at times, but never boring. So it is with some chagrin to openly admit that I chafe at monogamous knitting.

So many knitters have said to me, “I could never knit a sweater.” These people think knitting a sweater is too complex, but actually, most fear the amount of time it takes to knit the entire thing – especially an adult sweater.

Yup. Sweaters are knit one looped stitch at a time. I find the rhythm of knitting rejuvenating, restful. But then, I’m not choosing to knit intricate lace shawls, or intricate color mixing.

Once in a while I knit a project that has aspects of lace or color details. But I like to knit with half a mind on a movie or audio book, and a cup of coffee sitting next to the ball of yarn. That’s not exactly conducive to lace or patterned knitting, which requires close attention to each row. Ideally, I like to knit with a cat on my lap, but since we no longer are pet parents that is not an option (some of my people have pet allergies).

I was a bit horrified to see how many WIPs (works in progress) I have listed on Ravelry. Since they are stored in various places throughout the house it was a bit of a shock to see them all in one place.

I wonder if I were to fully embrace the concept of multiple, ongoing knitting relationships projects I will enjoy more completed knits. When one project is done I can begin the next. Besides, there is upstairs knitting (shawl)…

And downstairs knitting (the new project, another shawl – to be gifted)…